Wire Transfers: Required bank account information

When requesting a Wire Transfer withdrawal, you will need the following banking details:

CLABE number / Bank account number
  • The Clave Bancaria Estandarizada is only required in Mexico and has the following structure:
    • 3- digit Bank Code
    • 3-digit Branch Office Code
    • 11-digit Account Number
    • 1-digit Control Digit
  • All other countries: enter your bank account number.
Bank account holder name
  • This information is pre-populated using the name registered on your Stars Account.
Address registered on your bank account 
  • This information is pre-populated using the address registered on your Stars Account.
  • Your bank account must be located in the same country registered on your Stars Account.
  • The address on your Stars Account must match the one on your bank account.
Phone number
  • This information is pre-populated using the number registered on your Stars Account.
IBAN number
  • The International Bank Account Number is a series of alphanumeric characters that uniquely identifies a customer’s account.
  • This field is mandatory for European countries and optional for all others.
SWIFT / BIC code
  • The Bank Identifier Code is the unique identification code of a particular bank that consists of eight or eleven continuous characters:
    • 4-letter Bank Code
    • 2-letter Country Code
    • 2-digit alphanumeric Location Code
    • 3-digit alphanumeric Branch Code (optional)
Bank full name
  • Please enter the full name of your bank and not just the initials.
Bank branch address
  • This is the full address of your bank branch.
  • This field is optional and can be left blank.



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