SMS login instructions

We designed login validation via SMS to enhance the security of your account whenever you log in. By enabling this feature, you'll be alerted through SMS anytime our security systems detect any potential irregularities.

How does SMS login validation work?

If you have the SMS validation feature enabled and we detect suspicious activity in your account, we'll alert you through SMS and suspend your real money transactions. You'll still be able to play in tournaments that you've already registered for. But, you won't be able to make deposits, withdrawals, real money transfers, register for tournaments, or play in cash games. You also won't be able to make changes to login security settings or other sensitive account details.

We'll remove these restrictions once you've provided the code sent to you in the SMS text message.

It's only possible to register one mobile number to one account at a time, regardless of the license.

You can read more about this and all of our security features here.

How do I register and validate my phone number?

  1. Settings → Account Details → Phone → Validate SMS → Enter mobile number...
  2. Choose the country of your mobile phone number, and type your phone number into the relevant box. Don't include any zeros at the beginning of the number.
  3. Select 'Save'.
  4. Wait to receive the SMS Validation Code on your mobile phone and type it in the 'SMS Validation Code' dialog box.
  5. If you close the dialog box by accident, you can return to it by clicking on Settings → Account Details, and then 'SMS Security Options'.
  6. Select 'Validate mobile number...'.

I need you to resend the validation code

  1. Close our software and log back in.
  2. Settings → Account Details → Phone → Validate SMS → Resend Code 

How do I set up SMS login validation?

  1. Settings → Account Details → SMS Security Options.
  2. Check the 'Enable Login validation by SMS' checkbox.
  3. Follow the prompts to complete the setup.

How do I disable SMS login validation?

  1. Settings → Account Details → SMS Security Options.
  2. Uncheck the 'Enable Login validation by SMS' checkbox.

What should I do if I didn't get the code?

  1. Enter your number without putting "+" or "0s" in front of it.
  2. Select your country and code from the drop-down list.
  3. Remove your signature from the end of your text messages.
  4. Contact your mobile service provider to check if there are restrictions applied.
  5. If you've transferred your mobile number from one provider to another, you'll need to register and validate another number.
    To register your phone number, go to:
    • Settings → Account Details → Phone

If you still can't validate your mobile number with these tips, email us with the information below:

  1. Mobile operator name
  2. Is your number a pre-paid SIM card?
  3. Was your mobile number ported?
  4. How many digits should your mobile number have in your country?


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