What is 'The Deal'?

'The Deal' is a fun, fast way to turn your StarsCoin into huge cash prizes.

How does it work?

You need 7 StarsCoin (for the normal level) or 70 StarsCoin (for the high roller level with increased prizes) to play the game. After buying in, you're dealt seven cards. You need to discard two to reveal your five-card poker hand. Then you'll win an instant prize based on the value of that hand.

Any pair or better will earn you something, and the better your hand, the bigger the prize. There are fixed prizes for most hand types, but the really big money is awarded through the progressive jackpot. Every time 'The Deal' is played, real money is added to an ongoing jackpot which increases constantly. And if it's your day, you'll make it to the bonus round, where the excitement is even bigger.

Here's the breakdown of the prizes for each buy-in:

7 StarsCoin buy-in
  • Royal flush - A shot at The Deal Jackpot
  • Straight flush - $250
  • Four of a kind - $30
  • Full house - 500 StarsCoin
  • Flush - 100 StarsCoin
  • Straight - 50 StarsCoin
  • Three of a kind - 25 StarsCoin
  • Two pair - 7 StarsCoin
  • One pair - 2 StarsCoin
  • Ace high - 1 StarsCoin
  • High card - No prize
70 StarsCoin buy-in
  • Royal flush - A shot at The Deal Jackpot
  • Straight flush - A shot at The Deal Jackpot
  • Four of a kind - $300
  • Full house - $75
  • Flush - $25
  • Straight - $10
  • Three of a kind - 300 StarsCoin
  • Two pair - 70 StarsCoin
  • One pair - 10 StarsCoin
  • Ace high - No prize
  • High card - No prize

Bonus round

If you hit a Royal Flush (with a 7 StarsCoin buy-in) or a Straight Flush or better (with a 70 StarsCoin buy-in), you'll move into a bonus round. Here, you'll have the chance to win either a cash prize of $1,000 or the jackpot. If you hit the jackpot, you'll instantly claim 50% of whatever the current jackpot is. The other 50% is paid out equally to all other players who played 'The Deal' in the last 12 hours. 

When you qualify for the bonus round, any others that also played 'The Deal' will get a pop-up inviting them to see the action unfold live as observers. If you didn't play 'The Deal' but a pop-up shows on your screen, you'll need to pay attention to the information within. It will always contain the player's username that reached the bonus round and gets to spin the wheel. If we didn't credit your account with any amount, it means you were only observing but not playing the bonus round.

Calculating the jackpot

  • For every 7 StarsCoin buy-in, we add $0.022629 to the progressive jackpot.
  • 78.7% goes into the current jackpot, and 21.3% is set aside for future jackpots. We'll retain $0.005232.
  • Each jackpot starts at $25,000, so no matter when it's hit, it's guaranteed to be a big win.

Where can I start playing?

    • Desktop software: Go to the 'The Deal' section at the top of the main lobby (next to your username), or select the link found at any of our poker tables.
    • Mobile app (where available): Tap on 'My Rewards' and then select 'The Deal'.
    • Website: Use the button below.

The Deal


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