Progress bar explanation

The progress bar is a key feature of our rewards program. Each time you complete a progress bar, you'll receive a Chest loaded with exciting rewards.

How do I complete a progress bar?

To complete a progress bar, you must earn a certain number of reward points. This number will vary depending on the Chest you're progressing towards. Each time you complete a progress bar, you'll receive a Chest and a new progress bar.

To know the point requirement for each Chest level, press here.

If, at any point, you find your current progress bar too challenging, you can exchange it for a smaller Chest using the 'Exchange feature'. The Chests will be easier to win but will contain a lower value of rewards. Check out this article for more information about this feature.

Is there a time limit for completing the progress bar?

Yes. If 28 days pass and you haven't won a Chest, your progress bar will reset. The next Chest you'll receive will be of smaller value. A different timeframe applies to the Blue Chest progress bar. If you're at this level and don't win any Chest during a three-month period, your progress bar will reset.

The 28-day rolling period starts from the moment you earn your first Chest and ends on the current date.

For example, if you earn 1 Chest on January 1 and 3 Chests on January 2, you'll have 4 Chests out of the needed amount to upgrade to a higher level. This is because you are within the 28-day rolling period.
But, if you don't earn a Chest by January 29, you'll be back to having 3 Chests. This is because the system will only take the Chests earned in the last 28 days into account. By January 30, you'll be down to zero Chests.

Only Chests earned in the last 28 days will count towards upgrading to the next level. Chests earned more than 28 days ago, do not.

Can I hide the progress bar?

You can customize your table features, alerts, and notifications whenever you want. To hide your progress bar from showing at the tables, just head to the main lobby of our desktop software and select:

Settings → Table Appearance → Table Display

From there, uncheck the box displayed next to 'PokerStars Rewards' to hide the progress bar. You will still continue to earn reward points normally even if you hide your progress bar.

To find more information about table features, visit our website.


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